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EHF Youth Sports Leadership Programme

An Erasmus + project

The Sports Leadership Institute is currently involved in an Erasmus + project to develop a Youth Sports Leadership Programme for the European Hockey Federation. The desire is to tailor a comprehensive curriculum which will cover the multi functional sector of sports administration and governance. The result will be an european sport leadership training covering multiple days over a longer period where formal learning with on-the-job learning experiences will be combined.

Sharjah Sports Leadership Programme

Accelerating young female talent

One of our most recent custom built programmes is the Sharjah Sports Leadership Programme. The SLI has been commissioned by Sharjah Capability Development (SCD) and Sharjah Womens Sports to develop a custom made programme for 34 young female talents who are involved in the sports field and is aimed at developing leadership skills in 3 specific tracks (which are sports marketing and sponsorship, talent scouting and nurturing, sports admin and governance). Such skills are developed through sessions that contribute to increasing awareness of the level of challenges that female athletes face in various tracks of their sports career, and the devising of ways and means to address these challenges, in order to reach the desired solutions. In addition, the sessions also focus on spreading awareness on the multiple impacts of sports activity on all sectors of society, whether through the establishment of effective partnerships with sports councils, clubs, and federations, or by embodying the holistic concept of the sports sector, and not merely understand sports as just a competitive activity whose impact ends with the end of the competition in the arena.

EXPERT SERIES: Secrets of Dallas's professional sports organizations

Executive field trip

The Sports Leadership Institute, in collaboration with the University of North Texas, is organizing a unique five-day study trip to Dallas on new business models in sports. This study tour, under the supervision of Prof. Bob Heere and Bartel Berkhout, will be a combination of colleges, visits to sports organizations (including the Dallas Cowboys and Mavericks) and entertainment/networking, culminating in Friday night attendance of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks Portland pioneers.

Academic Cases

Juventus case study

Together with Prof. Dr. Dennis Vink we developed a custom case study around the business case of Juventus Football Club. We challenged students from Nyenrode Business University and Luiss Business School to work on this case study together during a study visit in Rome.

Corporate team development

Knowledge based team building

We bring sports to corporates and challenge their minds to come up with solutions for complex matters in sports. The Sports Leadership Institute combines intricate case studies with a visit from a former top athlete or coach who shares their own personal experiences.